Crisis Averter - Lockdown and Security Incident Software

Crisis Averter enables any staff member with computer access to discretely activate one of up to three levels of alarm for an appropriate security response depending on the nature of a safety threat evident. For example, in the instance an armed intruder is seen by a staff member they can trigger a Lockdown themselves immediately which is vital when response time is so critical.

The majority of active shooter incidents end before the police arrive – 69% ended in 5 minutes or less and 31% in 2 minutes or less.
- from FBI Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013.

In addIn addition to notifying designated security responders (e.g. security guards or on-site Police) Crisis Averter can be configured to provide an immediate automated response such as to lock doors, turn lights off, sound a siren or close fire doors, and can display emergency response instructions on-screen. In less threatening situations Crisis Averter can facilitate early support to staff from security personnel or by a supervisor to help de-escalate a situation before it becomes more serious. Crisis Averter therefore enables organizations to more effectively keep their on-site personnel safe by providing the ability for all staff to trigger a security alarm from anywhere the instant a threat is identified.

Stand Alone Version:
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